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JetsPlay Men's Official JetsPlay...

JetsPlay Men's Official JetsPlay Official Team Pant

The JetsPlay men's paddle pants stand out for their innovative Eltech-Dry technology, which allows for better moisture absorption and greater breathability.

These paddle pants for men, in addition to having Eltech-Dry technology, have a bi-elastic structure, which allows great adaptability to ensure greater comfort.

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The JetsPlay paddle pants have been developed to ensure maximum comfort for the player, with one goal in mind: to keep you dry and cool throughout the game.

These paddle pants incorporate the Eltech-Dry technology thanks to which:

- Great breathability: the Eltech-Dry technology applied to these paddle pants allows for greater air circulation, allowing you to stay cool throughout the game.

- Fast drying: one of the main benefits of this technology is that it allows the drying of these paddle pants to be much faster than usual, allowing sweat to be absorbed quickly, drying in a matter of minutes. This makes them the most suitable men's paddle pants for long matches or in hot and/or humid climates.

- Bi-elastic structure: the structure of these paddle pants allows for excellent coverage and adaptability, for greater comfort. In addition, it has an elastic waistband with drawstring that will allow you to adjust your JetsPlay pants to perfection.

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