Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 CMF 2024
Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 CMF 2024
Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 CMF 2024
Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 CMF 2024

Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 CMF 2024

The Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort is a diamond-shaped, high balance racket made of Fibrix and MultiEVA that balances power and control in an exceptional way.

It is a professional racket developed for the intermediate or advanced player who enjoys a balanced game, making powerful shots at the net and pushing the opponent to his limits.

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The diamond-shaped racket Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort is a high performance racket, designed for intermediate or advanced players, which offers great features: a more powerful stroke without losing placement.

These are some of the technical features that make the Vertex 04 Comfort a unique racket:

- Curvaktiv Technology: the frame structure of the Vertex 04 Comfort racket has a degree of torsion that provides additional resistance. This increases rigidity, achieving a more uniform transmission of the stresses suffered by the racket, as well as a better distribution of vibrations, protecting you against injuries caused by the transmission of these vibrations from the racket to your arm.
- Air Power System: it is a channel generated through a hollow piece located on the lower side of the blade. Optimized system of the known Air React Channel that incorporates some of the previous Bullpadel blades.
- Fibrix: hybrid fiber composed of X-Glass and carbon fiber. It is a bidirectional composite fused with more elastic resin, which provides greater flex and elasticity to the core.
- TopSpin: The Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort includes a surface with a rough finish that favors the grip and the effect applied to the ball.
- Vertex Technology: technology applied to the heart of the racket. It allows a better distribution of weights and forces, eliminating vibrations and reducing torsion. Together with its diamond shape, it helps you to achieve a more solid volley and improve the power of your shot.

With the purchase of your Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort you will get a free cover.

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