Pala HEAD Extreme one 2024
Pala HEAD Extreme one 2024
Pala HEAD Extreme one 2024
Pala HEAD Extreme one 2024

Pala HEAD Extreme one 2024

The Head Extreme One 2024 racket is a diamond-shaped racket that stands out for its great manageability, lightness and power that prints to the ball.

This racket has a 12K carbon surface of last generation, which considerably increases the durability of this racket above average. In addition, it includes the latest Head technological advances to help you give the maximum in every shot, achieving unparalleled precision.

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The Head Extreme One 2024 is an excellent choice for the player looking for a diamond-shaped racket with which to achieve a powerful and accurate hit.

If there is one aspect by which this racket is striking at first glance is the lack of perforations, being a smooth racket. This allows the hitting surface to be larger, achieving a more powerful and placed hit. In addition, by not having holes, the racket achieves a better consistency in spin and swing, achieving a great manageability.

In addition, the Head Extreme One 2024 features the latest Head technological advances:

- Power Foam: the Power Foam we use in this racquet allows for greater ball speed.
- Optimized Sweet Point: the sweet spot of this racket has been improved to help you hit the ball more easily, achieving unparalleled accuracy.
- Graphene frame: provides greater stability to the racquet, optimizing the transfer of energy from the racquet to the ball.
- Smart Bridge: technology located in the bridge of the racket that allows it to adjust to the specific needs of the Head Extreme One.
- Anti-Shock Technology: ideal to protect your racket against shocks and scratches, extending its life.

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Carbon Fiber
345 - 355g

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