Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024
Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024
Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024
Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024

Pala Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024

The Bullpadel Vertex 04 W of 2024 is the racket chosen by the player Delfi Brea. It is a diamond-shaped racket with high balance that stands out for its ability to print power to each stroke.

This racket is made of Fibrix and has some of the Bullpadel innovations such as the TopSpin texture, the CustomWeight system or the Curvaktiv technology.

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The new Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024 is a lightweight diamond-shaped shovel, maximum performance adapted to the needs of all intermediate or professional level player with which you can print more power in every shot without sacrificing placement.

The Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024, Delfi Brea's racket, incorporates some of the latest technological advances Bullpadel to make it a unique racket:

- Fibrix: the Vertex 04 W is made of a hybrid of Carbon Fiber and X-Glass. Thanks to this combination, the racket is more flexible and has a more elastic core.
- CustomWeight: system integrated in the handle of the racket that allows you to include 5 or 10 extra grams, so that you can modify both the total weight of the racket and its balance.
- CustomWeight Protector: in addition to being able to modify the weight in the grip part, the 2024 Vertex 04 W allows you to include up to 3 adhesive plates of 3 grams each in the frame of the racquet, allowing you to apply more power or control depending on your needs.
- Curvaktiv Technology: the shape of its structure allows the introduction of a variable section on the side of the blade. It achieves a smaller section than the one we have in the Vertex 03 frame, increasing rigidity and improving the transmission of vibrations.

Purchasing this racket you will receive a Bullpadel racket rack for free.

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