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The Movement Axess/Logic 90-02 Colltex sealskin is made entirely from the latest generation of synthetic materials. Suitable for beginner and advanced skiers looking for a seal skin that guarantees stability, grip and spectacular sensations on both steep terrain and flat surfaces. These skins are compatible with a wide variety of skis, but we recommend using them in conjunction with Movement Axess/Logic 90-92 skis for ski mountaineering.

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The Movement Axess/Logic 90-92 sealskins are made of high quality synthetic materials constructed by hot melting, which allows the sealskins to remain in perfect condition throughout the journey, without absorbing water and retaining their characteristic lightness. These Movement Axess 90-92 sealskins are characterized by: - Mohair-Nailon composition: these synthetic sealskins are made of 65% Mohair, a material that improves sliding, and 35% Nylon Polyamide, which provides greater resistance. - Lock System fastening system: these Movement brand sealskins feature a tip buckle and tail clip fastening system, achieving a perfect fit to the Movement Axess/Logic 90-92 ski and a wide variety of third-party skis. - Extreme resistance to all weather conditions, friction and wear. - Drybase coating: this is a coating on the back of the sealskin that prevents water from penetrating, keeping them dry and light throughout the tour. These sealskins are especially suitable for ski touring.

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