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The Santa Cruz Bronson 4 model is a versatile option that we are sure to delight with an aggressive riding style.

The possibility of mounting different diameter wheels (29'' and 27.5'') makes it a perfect choice for enduro riding, offering spectacular performance both uphill and downhill.

The components of the Santa Cruz Bronson 4, its geometry and the materials they are made of, make it a bike with excellent performance. This model allows you to choose from a wide range of construction kits and sizes, find the combination that best suits your preferences!

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The Santa Cruz Bronson 4 is a high-end mullet mountain bike that incorporates the latest in components to ensure the highest performance for the practice of both enduro and trail with which you can face all kinds of technical trails and aggressive descents with maximum reliability.

The Santa Cruz Bronson 4 model incorporates:

- Mixed 29'' and 27.5'' wheels: this mountain bike incorporates a mullet system from the factory, thanks to this you can enjoy a mountain bike with greater maneuverability and agility, with which you can overcome obstacles and irregularities with total comfort. In addition, the fact of mounting wheels of different diameters will allow you to gain extra stability, especially in high-speed descents because it lowers the point of gravity compared to bikes with wheels of the same diameter.
- SRAM Eagle drivetrain system: The Santa Cruz Bronson 4 features this next generation drivetrain system. It features a Full Mont system that creates a stronger connection to the frame, plus its new generation, stronger derailleur provides greater strength. This shifting system incorporates X-SYNC technology and cassette mapping, allowing for much smoother shifting.
- 150mm VPP travel suspension: The large travel of the central suspension system allows for a comfortable landing and great vibration absorption, while its VPP suspension design ensures that no energy is lost in the process.
- Carbon frame construction

Product Details

Carbon Fiber
Rear Suspension Travel
230 mm
Front Suspension Travel
160 mm
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